Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Energy Efficiency Leaflet

With increasing energy bills, global warming and peak oil (more expensive, dirtier oil) there has never been a better time to reduce your energy use and invest in renewable generation. Things you can do and useful web sites.
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Things that you can do

1.       Read your meters regularly
This helps you to understand your energy use and provides feedback that any changes are having an effect.
a.       Use a whole house electricity monitor – available cheaply from your energy supplier.
b.      Use a plug-in monitor for individual appliances.
2.       Change your behaviour
a.       Turn lights off when not required.
b.       Look out for stand-by guzzlers
(note, some modern devices have very low standby use).
3.       Change to new appliances
a.       “Halogen Busting” LED lights – the new 6W LEDs give the same quality of light as 50W halogens and are only £11.
That could be a 15% saving on your bill and a 1 year payback.
b.      Replace old appliances with A++ versions .
Your fridge is on all the time and uses a good proportion of your electricity. A new one can have a massive impact.
4.       Renewable power
a.       The “Feed in Tariff” (FIT) provides you with 41.3p per kW hour  generated by solar photovoltaic (PV) panels.
A 3kWh installation will cost about £10,000 and provide about 2400 kWh per year, an average over the year of 6 kWh per day.
b.      Solar Thermal can generate most of your hot water needs.
This can be difficult in our area due to routing pipes to multiple flats.
5.       The “Green Deal” law should be passed in 2012, this will provide a loan tied to the building that will paid using savings from your energy bills.


·         www.transitionbelsize.org.uk
·         Halogen Busters
o   www.brightlightz.co.uk   for a 5% discount use code “AFD458”
choose 6W warm white bulbs, GU10 or MR16 to suit  your fittings.
·         Electricity Monitors
o   www.diykyoto.com   The Wattson has a bright LED display that makes it easy to change your behaviour,  you can also download the data to your PC.
·         Meter reading
o   Meter Readings for iPhone by Graham Haley
·         Solar Panels – local feed in tariff installers
mention “Belsize Energy”

As used at the Transition Belsize Green Fair on 24th September.

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